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Businesses large and small are embracing cloud computing models to support their application needs.

Cloud computing is the answer to many of the IT issues associated with the traditional on-premise computing model. With no hardware (and in some cases no software) to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, cloud computing is growing in popularity among IT organizations that are increasingly asked to do more with less.

Cloud Computing can deliver tremendous business value by minimizing the risk involved in implementing business applications by eliminating the need for up-front capital investment and accelerating development by leveraging existing web services ultimately making the path to implementation exceptionally short.  In addition, there is no hardware to purchase, scale, and maintain, no operating systems, database servers, or application servers to install, and no need for periodic upgrades. Even more important, however, are the long-term savings. Gartner estimates that two thirds of IT time and budget is spent on maintaining infrastructure and dealing with updates. That’s a thing of the past with the cloud-computing model.

Growing businesses are continually changing: Employee growth, transaction growth, the launching of new products and services, mergers and acquisitions, or any number of business events can dramatically and suddenly alter business needs. Cloud computing environments provide elasticity to automatically expand or contract based on demand requirements.

While the benefits of Cloud Computing are numerous, the array of implementation options is nearly endless.  Digital Seattle can help you navigate through the various cloud technologies to select, implement and operationalize cloud computing in your environment. Contact us for a cloud enablement assessment to see if your business is ready for the cloud.

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